Saturday, April 11, 2015

SamaruX v2.00 released - Unix like shell for CP/M systems

SamaruX v2.00, 09 Apr 2015

Last changes.

Added support for SamaruX external commands:

As an example, the game robots has been included.

New built-in commands:

date  : Print and set the system date and time (only CP/M 3).
mem   : Show memory usage.
sort  : Sort text lines.
wc    : Count text lines, words and characters.
tee   : Copy standard input to standard output and to a file.

Improved commands:

batch : Default file type for batch files - ".sx".
cat   : Added -k and -n options.
cd    : Added support for $HOME.
cpm   : Under CP/M 3, it uses the BDOS fn. CHAIN TO PROGRAM.
ed    : Added COPY and PASTE commands.
env   : Added -s option.
if    : Added in_env test for environment variables.
man   : Added support for $MANPATH and external manuals.
        Default file type for manual files - ".man".

New environment variables:

- HOME    : Default user directory.
- BINDIR  : Directory for SamaruX external commands.
- MANPATH : Path for manuals.

SamaruX v1.02, 27 Feb 2015

Last changes.

New control characters for command line edition:

To delete the entire line:
     CTRL-U (0x15)
     CTRL-X (0x18)

To retype the line:
     CTRL-R (0x12)

New environment variables:

- LINES   : Number of console lines.
- COLUMNS : Number of console columns.
- TMPDIR  : Temporary directory (used by pipes).

Download available (source & binary code) in:

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