Saturday, August 30, 2014

WTD / What To Do v1.0 - Released

WTD / What To Do v1.0, released under the GPL license, source code included.

WTD is a "to do list" manager for the CP/M operating system and the Z80 cpu.

It has been written in MESCC, and follows the format and rules of Gina Trapani and his todo.txt system.

You can download from my website.

By the way, it has been ported from MESCC to Pelles C for Windows in a hurry (more information on this soon).

Friday, August 22, 2014

WTD for CP/M - What To Do (to do list manager)

I am writting a new program for CP/M with MESCC.

Its name is WTD / What To Do, and is a "to do list manager".

I uses the same format as "todo.txt" system by Gina Trapani:, simple but very effective.

My intention is to use WTD in my daily job tasks.

More information soon.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

UMMO - New game for the Amstrad PCW

I have developed a new game for the Amstrad PCW.

Its name is UMMO, and is a classical "kill the invaders" game, with some asteroids too.

It has been developed with MESCC, my own version of the Small C compiler, some libraries from SAMARUC, my GUI for the Amstrad PCW, and a game engine called TWO (The World Of) inspired in Greenfoot.

It runs from CP/M.

You can download from my website