Sunday, January 4, 2015

Samarux, *nix shell for CP/M

I am working in my old project to build a *nix shell type for CP/M in MESCC.

Over the time, it has gain a lot of functionality and new commands.

It has now pipes, redirection, environment variables and aliases.

It has many built-in commands: cat, more, pwd, ls, rm, mv, echo, batch, man, etc. and it's able to execute CP/M programas too (well, by using the $$$.SUB trick).

It can execute a profile file to set-up the environment and aliases.

It can execute Samarux built-in commands directly from the CP/M CCP command line.

Samarux, (this is its name), can run on any computer running any CP/M version on a Z80 cpu.

My intention is to release the Samarux under the GLP license.


Well, very soon, I hope.

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