Sunday, August 4, 2013

DeskJoy, a simple desktop utility to run programs for the Amstrad PCW

It is available in my website another program developed with Samaruc and MESCC: DeskJoy, a desktop utility with the ability of run programs on the Amstrad PCW, with icons, windows, menus, buttons, etc.

It can run CP/M programs and it has some internal utilities too (Character map, Screen Saver, Samaruc Control Panel).

It can create new links, modify them, erase them, move them, etc.

You can set some properties for each link: title, command line, icon, screen, enable the cursor, set pause after run the program, etc., to help to configure the environment for the program.

If you want, You can edit the command line before running the program, or do a pause when the program has ended.

Some example links and the newer versions of The Same Game and Find that mine! are included in the disk.

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